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Hay farms in Ohio:

alfalfa hay,
mixed, timothy, first cut hay, horse hay,
also animal feed

Ohio farmers list your hay here!
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 Ohio hay hay for sale    city & state  other contact 
 Victorian Farms timothy/alfalfa/orchard-grass mix hay, 1st & 2nd cutting AtwaterOH    
 Coolman Hay timothy hay, 50 lb squares or 4x5 net wrapped 700lb bales, contact Steve or Barb (60mi SW of Toledo) DefianceOH    
 Elk Run Farm alfalfa hay FelicityOH    
 Beriswill Farms hay, shelled/cracked corn Valley CityOH    
 Kohler Farms alfalfa & timothy & mixed hay, square bales WestervilleOH    
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